Baby strollers come in all shapes and sizes. These baby transportation devices are among the most important for all parents, regardless of how experienced they are. Safety and functionality are the most important features, closely followed by your child’s comfort and the stroller’s durability.
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Choosing the first stroller for your baby is one of the most important decisions that parents have to make. Decision should be primarily based on how you would like to use the stroller, what features you would like it to have and how comfortable it is for parents and baby. Also, you may need to be assured of a match between your ideal stroller and your budget.

In Nordbaby you can find strollers in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. From double strollers to standard baby strollers, lightweight strollers and a travel systems.
Stroller weight range is from about 7 kg to over 16. The heavier strollers tend to be more durable, have stronger wheels and are smooth and comfortable even on bumpy surfaces. They are tough, but they are really hard to handle in tight spaces or on public transport.
The lighter strollers are easier to fold and carry, but you can’t take them on bumpy terrain. Some strollers have an easy, one-handed fold to collapse, but others require that you remove seat part/bassinet to collapse them. If you are going to be taking your stroller in and out of your car often, look for an easy fold and compact stroller.

Many strollers allow for use of different types of seats, including car seats or bassinets for infants, and some can turn into a double stroller for a growing family. Many models also have extendable seat and footrest features to keep your little one comfy as he grows. Newborns need a comfortable and spacious carrycot or seats that recline to a near flat position until they have head control and can sit up on their own. Even for older babies or toddlers, a reclining seat is a plus for comfort.

One of the most significant factors to consider when buying a stroller is safety. All buggies should have a suitable restraint that will keep your child secure and unable to fall out - a five-point restraint with waist. Depending on its quality and features, the price of a stroller varies widely.