Terms of Use

Fliis Trade LTD, registry code 40103318126, address Brīvības iela 174a, Rīga, LV-1012 (hereinafter: NordBaby or Fliis Trade) is the administrator of a web-based online store (www.nordbaby.com; hereafter referred to as the Online Store).

The Terms of Use are binding to all users of the Online Store.

1.1 The Online Store is an online store created and operated by Fliis Trade, where Fliis Trade sells Consumer Goods (hereinafter: Products) to the users of the Online Store (hereinafter: Customer).

2.1 The Terms of Use apply to the purchase of Products from the Online Store and govern the legal relations that arise between Fliis Trade and the Customers.

2.2 The Customer agrees with the provisions of the Terms of Use when submitting an order.

2.3 Fliis Trade has the right to unilaterally change and amend and the Terms of Use. Changes to the Terms of Use will be notified to Customers by e-mail.

3.1 The pictures of the Products depicted in the Online Store are for illustrative purposes only.

3.2 Product prices in the Online Store are in euros and include VAT.

3.3 Transportation fee (if any) is listed separately before paying for the Order. If your order amount is 99€ or more, the transport across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is free.

3.4 Fliis Trade has the right to change the prices of the Products offered. Prices applicable to the Customer are the prices published in the Online Store at the time of making the Order, except in cases where the Product's price was published due to a technical error or malfunction. To other countries we deliver by DPD, prices differ according to country.

3.5 If the Product is to be replaced during completion (in accordance with clause 4.9 of the Terms of Use) and the price of the substitute product is lower than the price of the Product ordered by the Customer, the difference between the price of the Product and the replacement product that is ordered will be refunded to the Customer's bank account within 14 business days by Fliis Trade. In case the price of the replacement product is higher than the price charged by the Customer, the Customer is obliged to make an additional payment in the relevant part.

4.1 In order to make a purchase, an Order must be submitted to the Customer in the Online Store Environment.

4.2 The Customer can submit Orders in the Online Store as a registered Loyal Customer (hereinafter: Fliis Trade Account) by logging in or as a visitor.
To register a Fliis Trade Account, the Customer must fill in the relevant registration application and agree to the Terms of Use.

4.3 To submit an Order, the suitable Products must be added to the cart and the "Confirm order" button must be clicked.

4.4 In addition, upon submitting the Order, the Customer must enter the delivery address and choose a delivery method of the Order.

4.5 Fliis Trade is not responsible for any damage or any other consequences arising from incorrect data provided by the Customer during the execution of the Order.

4.6. The Customer shall pay for the entire Order in the payment environments provided by Fliis Trade. The Customer shall check before payment that the Products, quantities and prices reflected in the Order correspond to their actual request.

4.7. Fliis Trade sends an automatic e-mail to the Customer with an Order confirmation after receipt of the Order. If the Order contains errors (unwanted goods, quantities, etc.), the Customer is required to immediately contact the Fliis Trade Customer Service at +372 5919 6111 or by e-mail epood@nordbaby.com.

4.8. Fliis Trade will begin to complete the Order after the Customer has paid for the entire Order.

4.9. In the event that Fliis Trade is unable to deliver the ordered Product in the desired quantity upon completion of the Order, Fliis Trade has the right to replace the Product at its own discretion or by consultation with the Customer by phone.

4.10. If Fliis Trade is not able to replace the Product or if the Customer refuses to accept the replacement upon receipt of the Order and declines the replacement, the cost of the missing Product shall be refunded to the Customer's bank account within 14 working days from the date of delivery indicated in the Order.

4.11. Fliis Trade has the right to waive the execution of the Order by notifying the Customer thereof by e-mail with the reason for cancellation. In case Fliis Trade waives the Order, the cost of the Order shall be returned to the Customer within 14 business days from the date of delivery indicated in the Order.

5.1 Amounts refunded on the basis of clauses 3.5 and 4.10 shall be credited to the Customer's designated bank account. All amounts refunded, paid or owed by Fliis Trade to the Customer, will be credited to the Customer's bank account.

5.2 NordBaby does not refund international delivery transport cost.

6.1 Orders can be paid for by using the payment methods indicated in the Online Store environment. A service fee may be added to the cost of the Order in accordance with the agreement concluded between the Customer and the issuer of the bankcard or credit card.

6.1.1. Swedpank - client can pay using Swedbank bank link. To confirm order client is directed to Swedbank page. After payment client needs to push "Back to merchant" button.

6.1.2. Credit card - client can pay using Mastercard or Visa cerdit card. To confirm order client must insert credit card information.

6.1.3. Pay with bank links - client can pay using bank links provided by Paysera. After confirming order client is directed to Paysera page to finish order. After payment client needs to push "Back to merchant" button.
6.2 All refunds that Fliis Trade makes to the Customer are made to the Customer's designated bank account.

7.1 Delivery of the order takes place only in the ways described in the Online Store.

7.2 If the ordered Products are sent to the Customer by courier, then the Customer must enter their address, name and telephone number.

7.3 Products will be delivered to the specified address. The courier will contact the Customer using the telephone number that the Customer provided to Fliis Trade.

7.4 The risk of damage to or loss of products is transferred to the Customer upon receipt of the Order.

7.5 Upon delivery of the Order, the Customer undertakes to immediately check the conformity and completeness of the delivered Products. In case of non-compliance, the Customer must contact Fliis Trade.

7.6 Delivery time of order will depend on the products and availability. Maximum delivery time on an available product is 1-14 days.

7.7 NordBaby is not responsible for courier services.

8.1 A Customer, if they are a consumer, has the right to withdraw from the Agreement (to decline the Products) within 14 calendar days upon receipt of the Products, by sending an application for withdrawal from the agreement at the email address epood@nordbaby.com. In the application, the Customer must indicate the invoice number and the Product name he/she wishes to return.
You can download return document here.

8.2 Returnable Products must be delivered to Fliis Trade or sent by courier or via parcel terminals. Costs related to the return of Products are paid by the Customer.

8.3 The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement (to return the Products) only if the Products are unused, undamaged, unbroken and in their original packaging.

8.4 In the event that the Customer has used, damaged or broken the returned Goods, Fliis Trade has the right to refuse to accept the Products.

9.1 In the event of the nonconformity of the Product with the agreement, the Customer has the right to exercise the legal remedies provided by law.

9.2 Fliis Trade is not liable for any nonconformity of the Product with the agreement arising from the Customer's actions and/or omissions, including the non-targeted use of the Product or inadequate storage (non-observance of the storage conditions).

9.3 The Customer undertakes to notify Fliis Trade of any nonconformities of the product no later than within two (2) months of discovering them, i.e. to submit a complaint.

9.4 The complaint can be submitted by e-mail to epood@nordbaby.com or at Fliis Trade, Liivalao 14, 11216 Tallinn. Complaints must include the name and contact details of the Customer, the date of submission of the complaint, the discovered deficiency of the product, and the substance of the claim, and must be submitted together with proof of purchase.

9.5 If the Customer does not accept the solution offered by Fliis Trade for resolving the complaint, the Customer, if they are a consumer, may contact the Estonian Consumer Protection Board and the attached Consumer Disputes Committee, which is competent to settle disputes arising from contracts between consumers and traders if the parties have not been able to settle their disputes by agreement.

10.1 Fliis Trade and the Customer are liable to each other in respect to damage caused to the other party by breaching the Terms of Use in the cases and to the extent provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

10.2 The Customer is responsible for the correctness of the information submitted in the registration form or when placing an Order. If the Customer submits incomplete or incorrect data, Fliis Trade is not liable for such consequences and Fliis Trade has the right to demand compensation from the Customer for the resulting damage.

10.3 The Customer is responsible for the safe use of the password necessary for logging into the Online Store environment and undertakes to ensure that their password is not held by third parties (including members of minor family members).

10.4 In the event that the Customer suspects that his or her login details are in the possession of a third party, the Customer undertakes to inform Fliis Trade about this and immediately change the password.

11.1 Fliis Trade processes personal data submitted by the Customer in accordance with the requirements established in the Personal Data Protection Act.

11.2 Personal data to be processed are data that are requested from the Customer when registering an account and/or placing an Order (first name, last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account number, cart contents and history of purchases).

11.3 Fliis Trade processes the Customer's personal information for the execution of orders (including for transmission of messages related to the order), for the payment of products, delivery of products, and preparation of personal offers.

11.4 The processor responsible for the Customer’s personal data is Fliis Trade OÜ, with registry code 10539310; address Liivalao 14, Tallinn, Harju County, 11216.

11.5 Fliis Trade does not transmit the Customer's personal information to third parties except for:

11.5.1. Courier service provider to the extent necessary for the delivery of the Products to the Customer or for the consumption of the service;

11.5.2. Suppliers of the Products included in the Order (Customer’s name, address and telephone number) to fulfill the Order and provide customer service.

11.6 In the cases provided for in clauses 11.5.1 and 11.5.2, the Customer's personal data are processed solely for the purpose of fulfilling the Order, and authorized processors ensure the same level of protection of personal data as Fliis Trade.

11.7 The Customer has the right at any time to review his or her personal data and to require the correction or deletion of such data unless otherwise provided by law.

11.8. If the Customer has expressed interest in receiving Fliis Trade newsletters and/or personal offers, the Customer has the right to cancel them by sending a respective notification to Fliis Trade at epood@nordbaby.com or by clicking on the relevant link shown on each offer.

11.9. Merchant is responsible for processing personal data. Merchant will forward necessary personal information for processing payment to authorized processor Maksekeskus As.

 11.10. We hold your data indefinetly or until Customer request data collected data deletion.